Gastro Best Fest – Best Food Croatia Has to Offer

Next week, from Friday 19th, Zagrebians and passing tourists will be able to enjoy the finest delicacies that Croatia has to offer.

A festival of atmosphere, experiences, good music and even better taste where you will be able to taste a variety of dishes, from local, original, autochtonous meals to everything that Croatia adopted ranging from Bosnian, Turkish, Italian, Austrian and others.

All these and many other fine meals and specialties will be prepared by some of the most creative domestic restaurants, bistros and pastry shops such as Lari&Penati, Amelie, Cukeraj, Cheese bar, Sofre, Green Hut, La Štruk, Srdela bar, Meat district, Kamanj, Hrvatske divote, Milky, Wurst bar, Rakijarnica, Vintesa, Kuća pršuta, Lokum & Natura bar. Beside restaurants, a variety of food will be prepared in two huts on Europe Square where many chefs and restaurants will be active daily.

„Food is an experience. It enriches & cares about us, makes us astonished. It nourishes and brings people together, excites our taste buds, shares happiness, caring, and love, removes stress and introduces joy and pleasure to everyday life to those who cook and to those who eat. Eat and enjoy together in the good tastes and socialize and feel love and fellowship is the motto of Gastro Best Fest.“ said Suzy Josipović Redžepagić, festival director.

Gastro Best Fest will be held on Europe Square from 19 to 28 May, from 11am to 11pm every day.