The Great Changing of the Guard Ceremony on St. Mark’s Square

The Great Changing of the Guard is a ceremonial exercise performed by the Honorary Protective Armed Forces of the Republic of Croatia every Saturday throughout August and September. It was first performed in May 1991.

It was named the Honorary Presidential Guard back in 1991 when it was formed, and its purpose was to execute protocol duties for the head of the newly-formed Croatian state.The ceremony also shows the daily changing of the sentries in front of the palace, which took place immediately before the WWII (in the times of Banate of Croatia).

The honorary formation is dressed up in uniforms that were formerly used in times of the Great changing of the Guard. The red color on the uniforms represents a traditional color which Croats wore in times when they had to resist the Turkish invasion.

The ceremony begins with a musical overture at noon when the Grič cannon fires from the Lotrščak tower and it lasts between 10 and 15 minutes in the space between Banski dvori and St. Mark’s Church in the Upper Town. It will be performed until October.