Hand In Hand: Joint Concert of Croatian and Serbian National Folklore Ensembles

For the first time in 30 years, the two national folklore ensembles, LADO from Croatia and KOLO from Serbia, are having a join concert featuring over a hundred singers/dancers on stage, promoting the rich cultural heritage of both countries trough traditional dances, songs, and melodies. Today, at 8 pm in Croatian National Theater, two professional groups will dance in front their fans who bought tickets for every single seat in the concert hall. Last week Lado and Kolo performed in Belgrade.

National Folk Dance Ensemble of Croatia LADO was founded in 1949 in Zagreb, SR Croatia, SFRY as a professional national ensemble. LADO represents the rich and diverse regional musical and choreographic traditions of Croatia.It has been called Croatia’s most successful “cultural export product”. The ensemble consists of 37 dancers who also sing while they perform and a group of 15 musicians who play traditional and classical instruments. Lado has had numerous famous Croatian ethnographers and choreographers, music arrangers, and folklorists work with them.

Kolo, the ensemble of folk dances and songs of Serbia, is founded in1948 in Belgrade (it got its current name in 1953). It is a group of professional dancers and musicians, same as Lado. His task is to keep and present Serbian folk dances at home and abroad. Kolo held numerous concerts in Serbia and Montenegro and many cities of all continents.