Hov-Hov Opens a Dog Restaurant at Zagreb Fuliranje

It’s nothing new that most of the dog owners would do almost anything for their little (or big) furry pets, but have you ever wondered where you can take your dog out for a dinner? You probably have not, and the answer to the question would be ‘no’, at least till now. Hov-Hov, a specialized bakery for dogs ventured on a new project – a restaurant for dogs!

During this year’s ‘Fuliranje’, a set of events and venues organized during Advent, Hov-Hov opened the first dog restaurant. They offer carefully selected food and treats made with healthy, easily digestible ingredients appropriate for any dog. The menu includes main dishes and treats ranging from 10 to 20 kunas – beef, chicken, lamb, healthy muffins, brownies, pretzels, cake with raw meat and vegetables, you name it, they got it, all made with love and dedication for the four-legged animal friends.