Is There a Coronavirus Outbreak in Croatia?

So far, there is no case of coronavirus detected in Croatia and the Health Ministry and the government acted quickly and adequately when the epidemic emerged in the world so there is no need for panic, Health Minister Vili Beroš said during the cabinet meeting on Thursday.

Croatia has activated the European Union integrated crisis response mechanism to the coronavirus outbreak which supports rapid and coordinated decision making in case the crisis intensifies and reaches Europe. The Health Ministry is coordinating and implementing all the measures that are required through its emergency headquarters. Detailed instructions have been compiled for all health workers how to deal with suspicious cases as well as instructions for border police and health inspectors at the border and the Croatian Public Health Institute introduced special health inspection measures on February 2 for all passengers arriving from China or who had been in China within the incubation period of 14 days.

Four Croats have been evacuated from the center of the coronavirus epidemic, the Chinese city of Wuhan, and they are all currently isolated for fourteen days until it’s completely sure that they are not infected with the new virus. So far, a couple of Croatian citizens in different cities around Croatia have been placed in isolation and tested for coronavirus as they showed some of the symptoms but none of them really had the disease so there is no room for panic.

Current information indicates that there are 34 888 people infected with the disease worldwide, 319 being detected out of China’s territory but only 31 of them in Europe. There are no reported cases of coronavirus in Croatia, and the authorities reassure the general public that everything is under control.