Josef & Anni Albers: Voyage Inside a Blind Experience

A multisensory exhibition Josef and Anni Albers: Voyage Inside a blind experience, which aims to translate the works of these two major artists to the senses available to the blind, will open on Thursday, January 10th, at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb.

The exhibition will feature 63 works of Josef and Anni Albers, two leading pioneers of modernism in the 20th century and key figures in the development of abstract art and artistic education, in 2019, the year marking the Bauhaus centenary.  Exceptionally valuable works, borrowed from the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation (Connecticut, USA) include an overview of their work from the 1920s to 1960s and 70s, presenting the largest exhibition of famous spouses, professors and artists of Bauhaus in this area.

All 63 works will be accompanied by tactile reproductions which will enable all visitors to examine them through touch and hearing and so offer a unique aesthetic experience not only for the blind but also for the people who see and who will in this way be able to experience the art with other senses.

Josef and Anni Albers began their artistic career as teachers, devoting themselves completely to art as a means of sharing knowledge and experience. Both abandoned figurative representation, choosing abstraction as a language to express their inner universes, partly influenced  by the music, nature and art of pre-Columbian civilizations, which they found was authentic and incorrupt. Albers were constantly testing the possibilities of new materials and shapes which led them to learn to really see the world outside and inside each of us.

The exhibition is part of the Voyage Inside a Blind Experience (VIBE) partner project which is co-financed by the EU’s Creative Europe program and Zagreb Museum of Contemporary Art is the third location in the world that hosts the exhibition. The exhibition stays opened until April 21st, 2019.