A Lavish Fashion Autumn: Aleksandra Dojcinovic Announces New Collection

One of the most anticipated collections of Aleksandra Dojčinović, presented for spring and winter in the glamorous fashion show at Zagreb’s Main Station, arrived at the end of August for sale at Lei Lou stores in Zagreb, Split and selected boutiques, and it is accompanied by this time lavish campaign.

It was captured, interestingly, on the spot, during the time of the show at the picturesque first pioneer of the Main Station, where Alexandra’s guests came by train and thus united tradition and the future, sending a strong message about the importance of Croatian Railways as well as the domestic industry , fashion and every other, in the full sense of the word.

Although in the new collection the designer has remained faithful to her recognizable signature with the recognition of femininity, at first glance it is clear that it is her most prominent collection so far, which the most recent campaign is all about. Each piece is carefully designed as a part of a story in which there is no lack of glamor but the easy to wear and difficult to make a make, as it is a complex garment that will leave everyone impressed. The stratification she achieved with brilliant knitwear and business suits with her coats gave her a new, more serious dimension to her brand Lei Lou while on the other hand she was not afraid to reflect the transparent fragments on her fine lace, the glittering mini dresses, and contrasts in general. Fall-of-fall colors of autumn and winter shades around the coats of painted fur, long woolen coats tied to the waist and decorated lace, fur, and flower primings, as well as new Lei Lou shoes, boots over the knees of the finest coarse leather and salon and winter sandals posed with shingles.

The new collection, as well as a few before it, has been recognized beyond the borders of Croatia and the ever more frequent selection of stars on the world’s red carpet, so are the last-named American actresses Isa Rae and Madeleine Petsch, associated with singers and former Spice Girl Mel B, Zoey Actresses Deutch, Lyndie Greenwood, Isabel Moner, Logan Browning and well-known young boys, Chloe Luksiak, derive from the reality show Dance Moms, who have chosen Lei Lou for world premieres and prizes in the past few months.