The spectacular opening of the University Games on July 13th at Mladost!

There are only five days left to the European University Games Zagreb-Rijeka 2016. The Mladost Stadium on the river Sava will be the central place of youth, joy and celebration of sport on July 13 at the opening ceremony at 9 pm. A generous program will be held in front of 4000 visitors, and broadcasted to millions of TV viewers across  the globe, directed by Kresimir Dolenčić.
“We have prepared thousands of special surprises for all viewers, but also for the participants of the opening ceremony. Over 3000 students who will walk through the stadium will not be just passers-by, but an integral element of the show. Their dancing, photos, and messages will be transmitted directly to the videoscreens at the stadium. ” Said Kresimir Dolenčić.
“The ceremony wouldn’t be possible without numerous musicians, dancers, a choir – a total of over 200 artists, with a particular mention of a large number of volunteers, who will ensure that everything goes as planned” he added.

Competitors Will Promote Startas Snickers
Startas Snickers produced in Vukovar will be a special star at the opening ceremony.
Borovo factory made 900 pairs of sneakers for Croatian athletes who will compete at the Games, and 500 pairs will go on sale during the event to all those who will want to buy and wear this amazing Croatian product.

University Games Stamps 
The Croatian Post issued a new postcard stamp that will be sent to the whole world from Croatia during the games. A new stamp has the ESI 2016 logo and Hrki, the mascot of the Games.
“Competitions will start on July 12 with 21 sports events in Zagreb and Rijeka. Each game will be free of charge and open to the public. We are expecting over 5800 participants, more than 5000 matches and games, 200,000 minutes of sports events.” – Said Zrinko Čustonja, the President of ESI2016 at the press meeting in Zagreb today.
Tickets for the opening ceremony are also free of charge, but it is necessary to pick them up before the ceremony. You can read more about tickets here.