Lecture on Fearless Activism by Joey Carbstrong

Joey Carbstrong, a controversial animal rights activist and prominent vegan influencer from Australia will hold a lecture about street activism and his experiences with it at Animals Friends Croatia Center (Jurišićeva 25) on Wednesday, November 28th at 5 pm. 

Carbstrong is a reformed gang member who has transformed his life after a revelation in prison. He is now a passionate advocate of veganism who is spending his time by trying to aware people of their way of dealing with animals and inspire them for more sympathetic life. Within his 3-weeks European tour he is visiting 13 European cities one of which is Zagreb.

“My workshop, called Fearless Activism, encompasses every aspect of my advocacy, from outreach and vigils, to the psychological and emotional aspects. I also highlight the importance of being active and the moral obligation we have to speak up for animals as vegans” says Carbstrong.