Lecture: What Do We Really Know About Japan?

Makoto Croatian Japanese Association organizes a lecture on ‘What do we really know about Japan: Stereotypes of contemporary culture and language’ on Friday, 16th August 2019 at 6:30 pm in Zagreb (Remetinečka cesta 7).

When you hear someone talking of Japan or Japanese, what are your first thoughts? A completely different culture from ours; very polite people; very difficult language; the letters are not written but drawn; language impossible to learn and so on? You can find out if these stereotypes really are accurate from lecturer Marko Miličić, who spent 5 years in Japan and now came back to Croatia with the aim to connect these two countries.

The main topics of the talk will be ‘Japanese language and culture’, ‘Comparison of Japanese and Croatian language’, ‘Japanese letter, how complicated is it?’ and ‘Modern Japan’.