Let’s Beach About It: Enjoy the Beach but Leave It Clean!

We live in a time in which waste represents a great threat to our future, especially when we think about waste that we don’t even see that often- waste in the ocean. It is estimated that around 80% of waste in the ocean comes from the land while 20% comes as a result of irresponsible maritime transport and fishing. Prevailing part of ocean waste consists of plastic and the big problem is micro-plastic. If nothing changes, by 2050. oceans will contain more plastic than fish!

Adriatic sea is vulnerable to pollution because of its slow currents and its shape, that’s why the campaign Let’s Beach About It! – All Together for a Cleaner Adriatic! was initiated. Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development Sunce from Split has organized Photo Booth event at Split Riva ,best known and visited place in Split, this Thursday in order to mark the beginning of the campaign. The campaign has already started and it will last until the end of summer.

Visitors, locals, tourists and random passersby stopped by at the event to take a photo at artificial beach made of plastic and other waste and shared photo at their social networks with a hashtag #beaching to spread the message.

The Association Sunce emphasizes that each individual can help to reduce the problem. Every time we leave the beach we can pick up a piece of litter, our and other’s.

We all want to enjoy our beautiful beaches and sea so let’s work together to leave them clean!