Marking the ‘Green Month’

October is known as a Green Month, a month that celebrates the benefits of plant nutrition for human health, animals and the environment. The Green Month started yesterday, on  September 27th with the World Vegetarian Day and it ends on 1st of November or the World Vegan Day.

Animal Friends Croatia invite you to try thirty-day Veggie challenge. If you fill up the application for the challenge on their page for thirty days you will receive an email with free recipes and useful information about veganism.

Vlatka Balaš from the Animal Friends Croatia highlights three more ‘green’ events that will be marked this October. “During the Green Month, the World Day of Farm Animals (October 2nd) will also be celebrated, the day when attention is drawn to the tremendous suffering and death of billions of detained animals” she explains further. 

The International Day of Animal Protection will be marked on October 6th at the Bundek lake where, along with a large number of animal protection organizations stands, Vege Picnic will be set for visitors to enjoy vegan meals. On October 12,  at 6 pm, an author of the ‘World Peace Diet’ book Dr. Will Tuttle will held a lecture at the Animal Friends Association (Jurišićeva 25) in Zagreb.

Animal Friends Croatia invite you all to mark the Green Month!