Meatout Day – A Day Without Meat at the Cvjetni Square

As per usual, for the occasion of the spring awakening, the Animal Friends and Vegan Thugz initiatives celebrated the Meatout day on March 20th at Cvjetni square.

The Meatout day is an internationally celebrated event that promotes vegetarianism and the activists have prepared loads of different vegan foods and delicacies for the visitors to taste and enjoy. Every child who visited the booth received Stella’s donut – a donut shaped like pork snout, and a picture book.

Symbolically organized at the very beginning of the spring when nature is waking up from it’s cold, deep slumber, the initiatives appealed to citizens for showing more compassion towards animals.

The event has shown that prejudices towards vegan food quickly disappear with the first bite. Such food is suitable for everyone, regardless of their eating habits. It offers all the variations and all the classic dishes can be made without the ingredients like meat, milk, eggs and honey.

If you are interested in finding recipes that do not contain animal meat, feel free to visit