New Cultural Manifestation in Zagreb: International Choir Festival

Zagreb gets a new cultural manifestation – International Choir Festival! It will be held for the first time ever, from 30th of June until 3rd of July. The festival gathers choirs from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and the organizers are Girls’ Choir Mozartine.

Choirs are coming to Zagreb on Saturday, and on Sunday there will be held individual concert of Trisagion choir at the Basilica in Palmotićeva street at 9:15 pm. On Monday, there’ll be held an evening concert at 8 pm in the hall of the Croatian Music Institute. Choirs taking part at the concert are: choir Trisagion, vocal ensemble Mater Libertatis, vocal ensemble Arabeske, vocal composition Lašvanske Dive and St.Barbara’s choir PANIS ANGELICUS. On the same day Musical Academy professor will hold a seminar for all the participants. The last day is reserved for sightseeing tour of Zagreb so that participants get the opportunity to meet the city, its culture and history.

The Croatia International Choir Festival plans to become an annual event and in that way enrich the cultural and musical offer of the city of Zagreb. In the end we could only be grateful to the Mozartine, their ideas and the effort they put in order to organize such an excellent manifestation!