Meet the Master of Murals ‘Lonac’

Opening of an independent exhibition of the Croatian visual artist Lonac ‘Summer in the City’, featuring a new cycle of intimate drawings created over the past few months will be held at ZILIK Gallery in Karlovac on September 13, at 7 PM.

Sonja Švec Španjol, curator of ZILIK explains: “An artist renowned for grandiose murals is now being introduced in a new light – an intimate format without much color on it and without redundant background details. Unlike the wall, the protagonists on the surface of the paper are not known to the artists, but anonymous characters noted in the passage. Drawings are studies of spontaneous situations and unknown people created in black and white ink on toned paper”. In this cycle of drawings Lonac depicted all aspects of urban life and created a visual diary of summer in the city.

Lonac Facebook -Dawn and Midnight”, Boulogne Sur Mer, France, 2018

Zagreb offers a completely different impression in the summer than it does in the winter time, usually crowded, dynamic and hurried capital of Croatia, in the summer becomes empty and slow. It was exactly August in Zagreb that served as the base for the artist’s new drawing cycle.

Lonac “was born in Zagreb in 1987. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2013. Since that time he had three independent and several group exhibitions. His murals decorate the walls all over the world, from Grenoble in France to New York and Nanxian in China. 

The exhibition stays open for visitors till September 27.