Motus to Present New Album in Zagreb

Author: Davor Bijelic

If you are from Croatia and into punk-rock music, you have to know at least something about the legendary punk band Motus, which has been a part of the underground scene since 1988. During the last ten years, the band has experienced a lot of changes in their line-up, but thanks to their frontman Hogar, the band has never split up, and not only did they survive all challenges and changes on the Croatian scene, but they also continued to work on new material. So far, they have released five albums, including “Motus Vita Est”, “Cogito Aude”, “Nasred Puta”, “Razlike”, “Psi”, and on October 16 in Vintage Industrial Bar, these punk veterans will play songs from their new album “Mašina” (The Machine). Heavy riffs, strong melodies, grooving bass lines, and powerful vocals with a rebellious touch – this is, and has always been the sound of Motus. The tickets are available for 30 kn. Two bands will open the show – No more Idols and No limits.