Music Program of 22nd Motovun Film Festival

A festival primarily dedicated to the films from small cinematographies and independent productions, Motovun Film Festival starts on July 23 an lasts till July 27, 2019.

It is a festival for films that excel with their innovative approach, ideas and intense stories and films that have a hard time fighting their way to theaters and wide audiences under the conditions of an unequal market competition. The Motovun Film Festival is known for its rich music program as well, which will this year be punk-themed thanks to the world premier of ‘Tusta’ an Andrej Korovljev film about Branko “Tusta” Črnac, the never-to-be-forgotten punk-rock icon and front man of KUD Idijoti. The premiere will be accompanied by the concert of Saša 21 band, led by Sale Veruda, a former KUD Idijoti member. Slovenian legends Pankrti and Vlado Kreslin will also perform in Motovun and give a punk-rock touch to the always varied music program of the festival.

Vlado Kreslin

Pankrti – 42 years of provocations. Such a description fits these punk-rockers who, since their very first concert in Ljubljana in 1977, have been labeled “scandalous” and “the first punk-rock band behind the Iron Curtain”. The band’s provocative lyrics, strongly influenced by those of Sex Pistols, Clash, Dead Boys and New York Dolls, were written by Peter Lovšin and Gregor Tomc. The life in Yugoslavia was also more than inspiring for their rebellious verses. Before the Pankrti concert, on Thursday 25 July, the film about the iconic band, ‘Pero Lovšin – You Can’, will be shown.

For several decades, Vlado Kreslin has been one of the greatest names of the Slovenian pop/rock scene. Mentioning but a few of the artistic partners he had in his successful career can be seen as evidence to it: Rade Šerbedžija, Chris Eckman, The Cannons, Vlada Divljan, R.E.M. and many others. He has become a truly respectable name of the global world-music scene. Accompanying Kreslin’s concert on Wednesday 24 July will be a film about him, Sing Me a Song (Poj mi pesem).

Saša 21 is the first boogie punk-rock band in the world, as they define themselves. This intriguing band was founded by Sale Veruda, one of the founders of KUD Idijoti, in Pula in 2003. The band’s motto could be “simplicity, simplicity, simplicity”. With a little bit of boogie, of course. Other members of the band are Boris Kvaternik and Igor Sigi Perković. They have released one album so far (VD-i1). They will perform on Friday 26 July.

Svemirko band

In addition to the above performers, Vojko V, Svemirko and Jeboton Ansambl will also perform in Motovun’s central square – which is to be turned into Checkpoint Karlovačko during the festival.

Admission to all concerts is free and as for the film tickets they can be booked until Sunday, 7 July, only!

Photo source: Motovun Film Festival