New Artwork on the Facade of CROZ Building

Couple of months ago,we wrote how the Croatian Association of Fine Artists and Croatian company CROZ initiated the collaboration in which Croatian artists design artworks for the facade of the CROZ building.

After Korina Hunjak’s work ‘Vision’, for the next three months, new artwork by Ivana Barišić Tomšić named ‘ The Way to School’ will decorate the CROZ building’s facadePresentation of the giant poster (12 x 4,80 m) will take place on Thursday, 20th of September, at 11 am. The building is located at the crossing of Marin Držić avenue and Slavonska avenue in Zagreb.

Ivana Barišić Tomšić graduated in 2005 at the Academy of Fine Arts, she currently lives in Bjelovar and works as elementary school arts teacher. Her work ‘The Way to School‘ conveys the feeling almost all of us have in late summer, early fall and early school year. “Girls are walking down the street to the school. Morning light illuminates the empty street leading to a new beginning. Summer is over and something new is waiting for us around the corner. There are dark clouds in the sky. The feeling of autumn is everywhere, the city is drowsy,cloudy and unknown. It’s time for new challenges. We go safely from summer to autumn, from the end to the beginning, into a new cycle” explains the artist.

IT Company CROZ decided to collaborate with Croatian Association of Fine Artists with the aim to improve the public and work space of its employees with works of art, instead of the usual advertisements. The project will be held throughout 2018 and it will present 5 different art solutions. For each poster, a new competition will be opened with a new topic.