The New Sljeme Cable Lift Cart Revealed With the Date Set to Early 2019

During the final days of this year’s Advent in Zagreb, the mayor Milan Bandić took the chance to showcase the new cable lift carts at the King Tomislav square.

Bringing back the long gone cable lift is one of the bigger ongoing public projects in Zagreb. The old cable lift was put out of order back in 2007 after a malfunction and Sljeme has been without one ever since. The work is well underway and the deadline was pushed back multiple times, with final announcements that it should be finalized and open to the public by mid 2019.

A total of 84 carts are planned for installation, with each one carrying up to ten people. The length of the cable lift is a bit over 5000 meters with 756 meters height difference from the lowest to the highest point. The cart will travel from one side to other in 16 minutes (the old one took 23 to complete the one-way trip).