News from the South: Exclusive Video & Photo Gallery! Bono Vox is in Cavtat and Fans are Madly Happy

U2 came to Dubrovnik area several days ago, celebrating ‘The Edge”s birthday. After we sadly told them goodbye, the band returned to Cavtat and Dubrovnik, this time bringing Bono Vox with them!

This great signer was having some coffee and brunch in Cavtat, enjoying the peace of this lovely picturesque town, until hordes of fans came by, wanting to make some memories, take pictures and so on. Just Dubrovnik team and our photographer Zvonimir Pandža took some photos of the Bono having a great time with fans and we surely can tell – he is one great guy, that had absolutely no problem with signing the autograms or records.

This is not the first time Bono, Clayton or The Edge visit Dubrovnik area. Bono Vox was here in 2009, after U2’s big concert in Zagreb and this great lover of our coast is frequently and secretly visiting Croatia for years. Here, you can read all about U2 visiting us this year.

Finally, some fans’ wishes came true today (and psst, we are among those fans)!