Old Town: The Courtyards – Every Courtyard has its own Story

The days are hot and evenings are a bit more pleasing, especially this time of year. The Old Town invites all to enjoy these pleasant evenings in its magical Courtyards to experience something special.

The Courtyards – every courtyard has its own story brings ten unforgettable days of peeking behind all those vintage facades of the Old Town. These magical venues will be filled with fine food and refreshing drinks, all paired with top-notch urban entertainment. The musical performances will be a pleasant mix of jazz, classic and pop music.

„Cool urban event with the soul“ as critics said, is one of the most creative projects in Croatian tourism. Enter the world of Zagreb’s courtyards from 14th to 23rd July, The Courtyards will give you a lot of reasons to enjoy and experience the beautiful Upper Town.