One Exhibition To Rule Them All “Nikola Tesla – Mind from the Future”

Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest visionaries of all times is getting the biggest multimedia exhibition Croatia has ever seen!

Starting from November this year, and running until April 2018 in Meštrović Pavillion, it will be listed among the greatest events of the year. The works of the great mind of Tesla will present his life work through film, animation, video art and technical innovations from award-winning film director Helena Bulaja Mandulić and a group of international artists working on the fusion of science and art.

The exhibition will unravel the mystical journey of Nikola Tesla with his ideas, visions, inspirations and philosophical thinking through the international work “Mechanical Figures – Inspired by Tesla” which serves as the basis for the exhibit.

The main idea will be to transfer Tesla’s way of thinking and immense energy that moved him to its visitors and especially to the young generations. It will be an exhibition of great importance and is projected to have an impact on both national and global level.

It is created and will be staged at Meštrović pavilion first, but further plans include traveling to other technological megacenters of the world such as New York and Dubai World Expo in 2020.

The exhibition is opening in 17 days (November 25th). For more information, visit the official site at