Open Air Workout Extravaganza @Jarun

If you took a stroll on Lake Jarun over the past days, you might have spotted a very proactive bunch of people. They didn’t gather to just relax and get some fresh air – they all decided to get out of the comfort of their armchairs for the sake of their physical health.

“Mens sana in corpore sano” – there is no need to go into details, but in order to keep it all together, one can and should not neglect physical activity.  This is your chance to hop on this workout train, and in case your motivation is lacking, just call a friend and take a walk on Jarun Lake. When you see so many people all synced up in their workout session it might ignite your will for action.

Every working day until June 8th, Mario Mlinarić will be leading these open air workout sessions. The response from fellow citizens was really astonishing and it attracted almost too many on just first few days. Bad weather is not a factor and there will be action whatever the weather may be – Mario said.