Philosophical Theater With Adam Curtis – The Famous British Documentary Filmmaker

With the continuation of this season’s Philosophical theater, the world-renowned filmmaker Adam Curtis is set to perform in the Croatian National Theater on April 29th.

The British filmmaker is known for his works that explore the areas of sociology, psychology, philosophy and political history, with one of his favorite themes being ‘power and how it works in society’. Throughout his career, his works were closely related to short films and documentaries on the BBC channel. He describes his work as a journalism presented through the film as its medium.

The director of Philosophical theater Srećko Horvat summarizes why he thinks that it is important that Curtis finally comes to Croatia: ‘Adam Curtis has been present for almost two decades as a cult figure among the Croatian audience who likes to interpret and understand today’s world, from the so-called post-socialist transition to capitalist realism. In the time when different ideologies are re-imposed on us, the appearance of Adam Curtis will reveal a glimpse of scenery behind the veil of power, technology, and ideology.’

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