Portland’s Poison Idea at AKC Attack

Author: Davor Bijelic

Portland hardcore-punk veterans Poison Idea are finally heading for Zagreb as a part of their 2016 European tour. They will play in AKC Attack on Saturday 16th April, and it is an event which Croatian punk rockers have been waiting for a long time. Known for their high-energy live sets, fast songs, full-length studio albums and live releases, Poison Idea became the important name on the world hardcore-punk scene. Led by original vocalist Jerry A., who founded the band in 1980, this most recent lineup also includes guitarist Eric “the Vegetable” Olson, bassist Chris “Spider” Carey, drummer Nathan “Skinny” Richardson and guitarist Brandon Bentley. In 2015, the band released “Confuse & Conquer”, the first full-length album following the 2006 “Latest will and testament” that came out after the death of longtime guitarist Tom “Pig Champion” Roberts.

The concert is organized by Torpedo Syndicate Zagreb crew and judging by previous events, they have proven to have great musical taste and organization skills. The show starts at 9 pm with the support of Croatian punk bands Kurve (Zagreb), followed by Pula punk bands Sick Crap and well-known Pasmaters. Tickets are available in presale for 75 HRK (Dirty old shop) or 95 HRK on Saturday at the club entrance.