Promotion of Zagreb at the Tourist Fair in Munich

Croatian National Tourist Board once again attends one of the most important tourist fairs in Germany, which is held this year until February 24 in Munich. Croatian National Tourist Board decided to hold a special presentation of Zagreb and Slavonia on this year’s fair.

“Germany, as our traditional market, with a focus on Bavaria, where the largest number of our visitors comes from, has shown a significant interest in destinations in the continental Croatia in recent years. I am delighted to have the opportunity to present the richness of Croatian continental tourism, Zagreb and Slavonia to the visitors of this year’s Fair We noticed that the Bavarian market has shown some kind of change, and Croatia is increasingly recognized as an avio destination instead of a traditional car destination. Last year, two million German passengers landed to the Croatian airports and we believe that positive changes will continue this year, “said Croatian Minister of Tourism Gari Cappelli.

At the Croatian stand, in cooperation with the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, visitors had the opportunity to taste Slavonian specialties and top Croatian wines. The small gathering was also attended by Giovanne Elber, FC Bayern Munich legend and Andreas Jung, Marketing Director of this most popular German football club.