Reboot Infogamer: Tournaments, Rewards, Giveaways and More

The sixth annual edition of the Reboot Infogamer festival is coming up mid-November and as every year, it will attract numerous gaming fans, developers, and publishers from all over the world.

Of course, Reboot Infogamer and similar events will be looked down at and frowned upon by some, but besides all the gaming and entertainment it provides, there are legitimate business opportunities that arise from that sector. So if you are not a hardcore gamer or gamer at all, it might still be a venue worth checking out.

The event is growing and attracting more attention year after another, and considering the status of the gaming industry, it is not unusual (gaming industry surpassed other entertainment industries and earns roughly twice as much revenue as the movie industry).

Now let’s get down to the entertainment part! The eSports scene worldwide has exploded and this year will be no different when it comes to tournaments, rewards, and giveaways. The focus will mainly be on the biggest gaming blockbusters and titles presented by the biggest worldwide game publishers. There will be more than 600 playable stations spread across 17500 square meters of exhibition space.

Besides the games, there will be cosplay contests and other gaming merchandise such as board games and collectible card games. There will also be hardware related stands, and a whole hall dedicated to indie developers and game development education.

Reboot Infogamer will be held from November 21st until 26th and you can buy the tickets at