Red Bull Soapbox Race 2019.

Almost eight years have passed since the Red Bull Soapbox last graced the steep and winding roads of Zagreb and tomorrow, on Saturday 14th of September, the race is returning to the Croatian capital, promising a ride straight to the party. As many as 60 teams will demonstrate their skills on a course that will extend from the ‘Komedija Theater’ to Manduševac fountain on the main Zagreb square.

The Red Bull Soapbox race is designed for creative drivers racing in home-made vehicles. Each of the vehicles is driven by creativity, courage and gravity, and maybe just a little bit of Red Bull. This non-motorized competition offers professionals and amateurs to show their creativity in making speeders in which they will battle the time down a fun downhill course.

Over the 19-year history of this event, the vehicles have ranged from realistic replicas of real vehicles to anything the creative mind can think of, including a piano, a stroller, a clown rodeo, a prison cell and a Golden Gate bridge.

Due to the Red Bull Soapbox race, a special traffic regulation will take place from Friday, September 13 from noon to Sunday, September 15 at 5 am, and these streets will be closed to all traffic (including the vehicles of occupants of these street).