Retrospective Exhibition of Nino Vranić’s Photographs

An exhibition of one of the prominent Croatian photographers, Nikola Nino Vranić, titled “Cultural Heritage Through the Eye of the Photographer” was opened in Klovićevi dvori Gallery and presents more than 200 photographs of the artist.

Nino Vranić graduated in Graphic School in Zagreb in 1952. After graduating, he took part in a photo studio “Zaza”, and then worked for the Institute for the Protection of Monuments, where he recorded the status of the cultural monuments for over three decades.

Works presented at the exhibition were assembled from several different segments of an exceptionally rich Vranić’s opus. “We wanted to bring the public closer to the overall photographic opus, which are not just photos of monuments that have been in circulation for more than thirty years, but also the art photography on which Nino Vranić worked in his leisure time and after leaving the service,” said Marija Tonković.

Part of the exhibition represents his photographs of landscapes, part of it represents portraits and part of it are photographs of Zagreb, a city which Vranić considers as calm and meditative.

The exhibition stays open until July 21, 2019.