Short facts About Croatia

All You Need To Know About Our Beautiful Country

Official name: Republic of Croatia
Official language: Croatian
Alphabet: Latin
Currency: Kuna (100 Lipa)
Population (last census): 4.784.265
Number of islands: 1.185 (66 inhabited)
Capital: Zagreb (nearly 1.5 million inhabitants)
Total state area: 89.810 km2 (55,6822 M²)
Territory area (land): 56.610 km2 (35,336 M²)
Aquatorium area (internal sea line): 33.200 km2 (20,584 M²)
Coastline length: 5.835 km (3,617 M²)
Coastline length of islands: 4.058 km (2,515 M²)


Illustration: Shutterstock Images LLC