Slayer and Anthrax are coming to Zagreb on June 1!

Photo:Boris Stromar

For all you metalheads out there, we have a special announcement – Slayer and Anthrax are coming to Zagreb on June 1! That’s right, one half of the “big four” bands considered to be the finest thrash metal bands in the world (the other two being Metallica and Megadeth). Slayer is returning to the Croatian capital after almost exactly three years when they held a sold-out concert in Tvornica (Culture Factory). This year the venue will be Pavilion 9 of the Zagreb Fair.

Slayer is promoting their new album, “Repentless”, released on September 11, 2015. It’s their first album without the late founding member Jeff Hanneman who was replaced by Paul Bostaph of Exodus and returning drummer Paul Bostaph. The album debuted at number four on US Billboard 200, the band’s highest position in the US. As an old-time Slayer fan, I must admit this is one of their best recent albums – unlike some other metal bands who are famous only for their “classical” songs, Slayer is still going strong! I can’t wait to hear “When the Stillness Comes,” one of the best songs from their new album… and, of course, the old favourites.

Anthrax are also promoting their new album, “For All Kings”, released February 26, 2016. The fans really enjoyed the album, which debuted at number 7 on the Billboard 200. Many critics rated it even better than the Slayers’ album. Anyway, the concert will be a treat, and if you’re in Zagreb, be sure not to miss it! Tickets are limited to 2500 at a price of 220 kn.