How to Survive in Zagreb: Explore the Sports Side of The City

I am not a fan of New Year parties neither the New Year resolutions, but this year I made one decision: I am not going to eat chips! I think I’m addicted… On the New Year’s Eve, I went to the Main Square, watched firework and went home. The extraordinary thing was that I celebrated my New Year’s Eve in Zagreb. Anyway, I enjoyed seeing Hrki on stage, trying to throw away little Hrki’s to the audience, I liked watching Croatian people enjoying and singing to the songs of Vatra and Nina Badrić, and the unique idea of having the ice rink open till 2 am. But then…I went home to sleep. Maybe it was not the best idea; I could have enjoyed the various activities and events…but sometimes I am just not in the mood.

New Day has come!

So the first day of the New Year (which I am going to spend in Zagreb), I woke up earlier and started my routine. That morning I realized that somehow I feel like I’m home, here, in the Croatian capital. How is that? For me, to find myself anywhere in the world means that I need to find a sport activity. So this time, in my new home, I started doing tribal fusion dance, parkour, and rowing. The last two I have never done in my life, but with the first I had some experience before.

Walde is the name of the tribal fusion group where I am dancing, and where I have experienced my first dance performance ever (in Hard Place club! Thank you Walde). I was searching for that kind of experience for a while when  I was in Hungary, and I found this group, where they showed me precisely what to do and how to move. From the first day, I felt comfortable with them and enjoyed the classes. They are not just great dancers, but cat (and dog) lovers, ☺ kind and funny people who love to donate and joke about the performances. And what is interesting, I was offered to check other groups and choose which one I liked the most. I think this is the mentality that every dancer should have –But I stayed I felt I arrived!

Tribal fusion dance Reka eug 2016, instagram

The second home is Parkour Škola (School). Since Yamakasi came out, this was one thing that I knew I would try someday – it was just a matter of time when and where I will find a group to train with. Now I think I am totally crazy doing it, but the real thing is that they are totally crazy too, so I am not an exception. Imagine training outside, no matter if it rains, snows or whatever. Despite the weather conditions, everyone is jumping and walking and hanging around in those places where you don’t even think it is possible. It doesn’t matter whether you did some sports before; you dare to do things, they are there to help you to explore your limits. Even when I am making just a small jump from one place to another, I keep fighting with myself all the time. If it’s not challenging enough, they can always show me another move, which can push me forward. In school I meet funny, welcoming, warm and helpful people with so much energy, so here’s some advice to every one of you: come and train with us when you visit Zagreb. You can do it for one week, less or more. The most important thing is to have fun and to stay healthy even though you are on vacation!

March is The D-Day! 

The third thing/activity where I felt like home is Rowing. So far I have tried the ergometer. So in March, I will see whether I will sink a boat or not… I cannot wait! Usually, I train with the girls who I also hang around with, talk and enjoy the time of being together and working out together. I think I can say in the name of all of us that we found friends to hang out in Mocvara, organizing pizza nights, or just talk about a fictional playground at 4 am in the morning. ☺ What do you think about that?

I am not saying that these are the only sports to do in Zagreb. I am just saying that these are the places and the people I am happy to spend time with. I have to say that Zagreb has more to offer than culture, architecture, tours, excellent food or intense nightlife. For those who don’t know, Zagreb is (along with Rijeka) the host of University Games 2016, and this summer it will present a lot of great athletes in 21 different sports. So if you come to visit the Games, stay and explore the city in a sporty way. Go to Jarun and Bundek, you will see that everyone is skating, riding a bike, swim or do street workout, not to mention the wakeboard! Once I also saw people practicing tai-chi and yoga outside. I cannot wait to have summer and go just to walk or run to these places! Also if you are interested you can try out the aerial silk and pole dance too, with great instructors. But I don’t have to go this extreme, there are several places to play handball, futsal, volleyball, basketball, football, American football, swimming, wall climbing, yoga, pilates, really whatever you are searching for, you will find it here. (Prices for group workout in Zagreb is around 300 kn per month or 50 kn for a drop-in class) Also I got a bit further in time cause it is still winter – so I really need to check out Medvednica Mountain to hike or ski!
Zagreb can be much more than drinking, walking, eating, and I am very happy that I experience the city as a local. Join me and get ready for the EUG 2016!