Ten Reasons for Ten Years of ZeGeVege Fest

The fact that one can get well fed from vegetarian food is a well-known fact today. The ZeGeVege Festival which will be held on September 8 and 9 on Zagreb’s Ban Jelačić Square, will offer a number of delicious meals.

Today, the vegetarian and vegan food is not a synonym for stewed vegetables and other similar dishes anymore, but rather for tasty burgers, pizzas, pasta, pies, and desserts. Veggies are useful to everyone, so everyone visits the ZeGeVege Festival regardless of their current eating habits. Some would say that sustainable living and way of eating, besides being popular, becomes a matter of necessity for people and other animal species to survive on this planet.

Along with many attractions at the ZeGeVege Festival, visitors will be able to surprise their taste pupils with vegan dishes prepared according to the original recipes of African, Middle Eastern and South Asian flavors, including salad pie, peanut butter, and African fritters. The thirsty visitors can try the vegan beer coffee with more than five types of herb milk.

For news about festival and more information, visit ZeGeVege website at www.zegevege.com