The 1st Holi festival in Zagreb will paint your world in rainbow colors

Thousands of people, dressed in white, will come together to share music, dance, performance art and visual stimulation, on 22nd of August in front of the West Gate Shopping City. Namely, at the 1st Holi Open Air Festival, people will dance under the colored dust. The idea of colorful and fun Holi festivals is spreading all over the world, inspired by the original Indian Holi fest. The festivals are promoting the ideas of togetherness and the colour of everyday life during a day of fun and exhilaration. Zagreb has accepted this idea, and on August 22nd at 2 pm the day full of dance, music and colors will begin.

Tickets Can Be Purchased at for 99 kuna, and 199 kuna for VIP tickets. Festival visitors  can travel from Zagreb to Westgate and back by buses for free.