The Perfect End of the Food Film Festival

The fourth edition of the most beautiful city festival and the tastiest film festival, the Food Film Festival sponsored by Coca-Cola, has finished. For the past ten days Zrinjevac Park was the absolute hit destination for locals and their tourists.

What made this festival so special was Walkaway of Happy Umbrellas by Hrvatski kišobran, an installation of as many as 150 colorful umbrellas that served as a beautiful background for thousands of photos shared on social media. So the FFF definitely took title of the most beautiful festival in the city, if we can judge by visitors’ sharing photos of every possible detail at the festival.

The Festival ended with the concert of the band The Frajle that was attended by about 6,000 visitors. Throughout the ten days, 150 000 visitors have attended the festival and everyone seemed to be amazed.

The new edition of the Food Film Festival Zagreb is already announced for September 2019 and we are already looking forward to it!

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