The Treasure of Ethnographic Museum: 100 Exhibits for 100 Years

In order to mark the 100th anniversary, the Ethnographic Museum Zagreb opened an exhibition under the name The Treasure of the Ethnographic Museum where they’ve exhibited a selection of 100 exhibits from the museum’s corpus. The exhibition will stay open until November 15th, 2019.

As the anniversaries are always an opportunity to reflect on previous work and identify something that will present us to the public in the best possible manner and as the Ethnographic Museum is a national museum with extremely rich holdings, preparing the exhibition to mark their 100th birthday has presented a huge challenge.

Curators and collection managers are aware of space constraints and have hence decided to offer the public an interpretation of the holdings through a selection of the objects from their collections that will present new museum practices and the contents addressed in their work in the best manner. The selection is certainly heterogeneous and narrative-based and it does not follow the common exhibition parameters such as chronology, typology, regional representation, nor was it limited by the number of objects in a specific collection.

The Treasure of Ethnographic Museum provides great surprises for the public and shows the wealth and multi-layeredness of the holdings of the Ethnographic Museum and it’s definitely worth seeing!