Two Days Sport Festival Invites Students To Sava!

The Student Union of the University of Zagreb and the Croatian Academic Sports Federation organize a two-day “festival of sport” at the Student dorm Stjepan Radic, better known as “Sava”. This event will be held as a part of the largest festival of student events in the city center, Scool Fest.
Thursday, May 26 is reserved for:
• University Futsal Cup
• Football 3 on 3 players
• Volleyball on grass
• Pentathlon
• Goalball – Demonstrations
• The tournament in FIFA

A day later, on Friday 27 May, students will play:
• Football 3 on 3 players – finals
• Volleyball on grass – finals
• Table tennis
• Go – the oldest known strategy game in the world
• Goalball – Tournament
• Unisport national university championship in basketball three on three players
• Unisport national school championship in badminton
• Marathon along the Sava.

See you at “Sava”!

student fest