The Unforgettable Disney Stories on Ice

The all-new Disney on Ice show will bring both new and old, the brave and the bold from the stories we enjoyed in the ‘Worlds of Enchantment’!

The ‘Worlds of Enchantment’ show is coming to Arena Zagreb from December 8th to 10th and the tickets are out for sale. It is probably among the biggest performances on ice in the world which brings the favorite characters from beloved Disney stories.

The performance will consist of four favored Disney stories! Your brain will be buzzing with thrilling high-speed stunts such as you have never seen with Lightning McQueen and his crew of Cars that will race across the ice, the diving underwater to relive the adventures of Ariel and the little mermaids undersea kingdom, the toys from Toy Story with Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie and the rest of the gang that will be escaping the Sunnyside Daycare where they got donated, and of course the world of Arendelle with two sisters – Anna and Elsa with their magical friend Olaf on their journey of discovering the love that comes from within.


Buy the tickets for the unforgettable stories on ice here.