Video: Take a Walk Through Magical Zagreb Upper Town

Zagreb is marvelous, and everyone who has ever seen it knows that. Why? Well, while you are walking through Zagreb you will see a lot of historical things, mysterious stairs, tunnels, alleys. You can feel the old days while enjoying the modern way of living. This city lives all year long, but these days, when summer is knocking at our doors, it becomes even more charming. Festivals are all over the town, the roofs of old buildings start to smile to the Sun, flowers will greet you in each of many city’s green oases, people’s laugh echoes from Upper Town to Downtown. This video made by our photographer Boris Stromar shows that. It starts at Zakmardi Stairs, it takes you to Stross Promenade and straight ahead to Marko’s Square. You will smell the air of old buildings, old spirits, explore some of our traditions… After this video you will probably want to visit Zagreb, so enjoy for now and see you soon. :)