‘White Lies’ Playing Tonight for the 3rd Time at Culture Factory

The English post punk band White Lies returns to the Culture Factory tonight, on March 10, 2019 with a new album Five.

The renowned London band announced a new studio release on February 1st, marking a 10-year career, and Zagreb’s performance will be the only opportunity to see them in the region during their European tour. The “Five” album shows the new creative direction of the band from West London, and their songs show new confidence. Everything has changed dramatically in the last ten years, their contemporaries have disappeared, consumerism is constantly evolving, but fans of White Lies, whether those in the UK or those around the world, have remained persistent and committed.

The band explains: “This is the turning point in the creation of White Lies. This album marks the decade of our existence as a band, which has led us into some new directions in exploring our own sound and artistic territories – it marks the beginning of a new and exciting chapter for us.”

The big European tour,  part of the promotion of the new album “Five”, brings White Lies into big halls of the UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Zagreb’s Culture Factory. The concert starts tonight at 9 pm and the ticket price is 130 kn.

Photo source: Culture Factory