Zagreb Cathedral Organ Festival 2017

The Zagreb’s Cathedral Organ, classified as one of the top ten finest organ crafts in the world, is an instrument on which it is possible to perform all of the organ literature.

Ever since 2010, Zagreb Cathedral Organ Festival exists. It is a rich program that takes place during the summer and late summer months. This year, the 8th installment of the festival will be on until 21st September.

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The current instrument is not the first one to be there. The first organ was brought by Bishop Osvald in the 15th century. Later, the cathedral organist G. Štrukl built a new instrument with thirteen registers in 1647. After that, there was no recorded news until 1834., when Zagreb cathedral got the biggest instrument in Croatia at the time – organ from Hungarian organ builder.

As the Hungarian organ showed quite a few errors it was sold and the last one (current one) was ordered from German firm Walcker which has been restored and modernized over the years. It has more than 6000 flue pipes, with seventy-eight registers and four manuals. A perfect organ for solo concerts or chamber music making.

Check out the mentioned list of festival events and go out to enjoy the monumental sounds of cathedrals powerful and beautiful organ.