Zagreb is a city for… Escaping to a Green Urban Oasis!

By the end of the week, the temperature in Zagreb will rise to 30 degrees and more. Until next week (or even longer), the streets will be melting hot, so we suggest an escape from the city. But that doesn’t mean that you must hit the coast. No, no, Zagreb can offer a lot of freshness in one of its green or blue oasis. But today we present only the parks and forests of the city, we’ll talk about pools some other time.

If you go to the city center these days, you have two options – Park Ribnjak, in the ‘backyard’ of the cathedral, and Zrinjevac, located near the main square.

What is the difference between these two parks? Park Ribnjak is a nice looking park where you can find everything you need – beautiful grass, the shade of the trees, a playground for kids, and benches for parents and others. The park has a view of the cathedral, but no additional facilities such as restaurants, bars, and shops. There’s only public toilet which is free of charge.

JustZagreb advice: Ribnjak is an ideal place for reading and meditation. Beware of the mosquitos, take some repellent with you.



Park Zrinjevac, on the contrary, is smaller and more urbane. The park has fountains, and it is surrounded by the beautiful city architecture from all sides. In Zrinjevac you can relax, refresh, relax after sightseeing and long walks. But one more thing! This park is ideal for kisses. So you can find your inner peace here, but do not expect complete serenity if you want a place for meditation in the city center.

JustZagreb advice: Zrinjevac is ideal for romance and love, or maybe for painting.


In the eastern part of the city, next to the stadium is Maksimir Park. This park you will like regardless whether you are alone or with your family. In the park, there is a ZOO, a restaurant, public toilets, several lakes, ducks, rare birds, walking and jogging paths, historic buildings… Park Maksimir is an ideal natural paradise for locals, and you will probably feel the same. Particular emphasis is on photography as Maksimir is a real inspiration to anyone who loves to photograph. So do not forget, when you stop by Maksimir, to send some of your pictures on Instagram with hashtag #justzagreb. Sending files will be easier with bonbon and its offer of 5GB of Internet for just 10 kunas. Interesting isn’t it!?

JustZageb advice: Maksimir is ideal for all types of entertainment. Do not miss it!


In the north of the city stands the impressive Medvednica mountain – a cool haven during the hot summer days. You can visit Medvednica in the morning, afternoon, or in the evening… On the hillsides, there is a multitude of mountain huts and lodges such as Runolist, Puntijarka and more. On Medvednica you can find peace, forest, fresh air, traditional food, hikers, friends… Just about everything! Medvednica is our suggestion for a healthier vacation, relaxation, recreation, and an escape from the city.

JustZagreb: Medvednica is ideal for a trip during the week or over the weekend.

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