Zagreb is A City for… Pokemon GO Players!

Text and photo: Boris Stromar

So, you’re travelling through Croatia, visiting Zagreb, but recently you started playing Pokemon GO, and it is just frustrating that your progress is halted? I know, traveling is fun, there’s a lot to see, but sometimes it’s fun to be part of the new worldwide hype! Well, we’ve got some tips for you if you’d like an easier way to level up while visiting Zagreb!

First of all, if you do not know which operator to use, here is Bonbon mobile service cost-effective catching of those Pokemon critters! Now that you are covered without the need for expensive roaming charges there are a few sweet spots in Zagreb you should visit if you want some quick progress in the game.

Hard core Pokemon trainers might want to visit Arena Shopping Center on Thursday, august 4th, for a Pokemon party event Starting at 5 pm the 6 Pokestops very near to each other will be constantly equipped with lures so you can farm those Pidgies all evening! For those trainers in need of battles, there are 3 gyms there. All visitors will have free electricity, so there’s no fear of your battery dying out unless you forget to bring the charger. Also, as the shopping center is away from the city centre, there will be free busses that can take you there:

If you miss the event, don’t worry! The best spot for Pokemon trainers is Zrinjevac park, in the very heart of Zagreb! There are four Pokestops constantly equipped with lures, and you will definitely enjoy sitting in the shade near the fountains. Zrinjevac park is a must see for every Zagreb visitor, so take a break and join the fun! Often there are lures on Pokestops at Ban Jelačić Square, so check them out, too!

There’s one other place reccomended for Pokemons – Jarun lake. With lots of Pokestops, it’s rumored to be the best place for some rare Pokemons. And if your significant other is not keen on the game, well, they will be delighted to take a refreshing swim in the lake! And next Sunday at 7 pm you can join local Pokemon trainers on Jarun for some firsthand tips:

Of course, Pokestops are a good way to find out interesting info on Zagreb, like a personal digital tourist guide. Just be careful of your surroundings and let us know if you found some new Pokemonsters…or made new friends.