Zagreb Just Got a New ‘Art Park’!

The small park in Plitvička Street (across the street number 3) in Zagreb was too small for all of those who came to its opening yesterday to greet the idea of ​​decorating another green area in the city, organized within the Art Park 2019 project.

The Art Park project has already, in the past four years, turned the park in Tomićeva Street into a creative oasis during the summer months and ever since it’s changing the face of the city of Zagreb throughout summer. The Art Park in Tomićeva street is open to the public from May until October and during that period numerous events take place and they are completely free. Visitors can enjoy various workshops, movie screenings, music concerts, DJ nights, ping pong tournaments, drawing sessions, yoga classes and much more.

With a bit of paint, sprays, good will and enthusiastic neighbors, organizers have shown that other Zagreb locations can revive good street art ideas as well. ‘Baba Luna’ and the gaze of the gigantic Moon are the main motifs on the wall that stretches across the side of the private house, signed by artist Boris Bare, one of the initiators and organizers of Art Park Project.

“With just a little artistic ‘refreshment’ of public space, it is possible to raise the quality of life of people, to put a smile on their faces and bring together the community of inhabitants living there. We just painted the wall with ‘Baba Luna’ motif , decorated the existing benches and children’s playground and proved that this project is really working for a citizens’ benefit”, said one of the initiators of Art Park Boris Bare.

Photographer: Borut Planinc