Zagreb Working on the Infrastructure – Avoid These Roads

Like almost every summer season, when the streets of Zagreb are under less stress from all the planned vacations, repair and construction works are in progress.

Find the interactive map of roadworks on the following link

While the following streets are under construction authorities recommend alternate routes and ask for patience and understanding.

Until August 21st: (1) Grad Vukovar street is closed for traffic from Donje Svetice to Heinzelova street. (2) Ilica street is closed for traffic from Sveti Duh street to Bračunova street. (3) The roundabout connecting Bukovacka, Petrova and Prilesje street is partially closed for traffic.

Until August 27th: (1) Frankopanska street is closed for traffic from Varšavska (Dalmatinska) street to Prilaz G. Dežalića.

Until August 28th: (1) Savska street is closed for traffic from Grad Vukovar street to I. Kršnjavog street for the maintenance of tram rails at the Savska-Jukiceva-Vodnikova crossing. Entry to Savska and Jukićeva street from Vodnikova will be blocked and entry from Jukićeva to Savska will be open only in direction Savska-south.

Until September 2nd: (1) Dugoselska street will be blocked at Dugoselska – Ulica Bedema ljubavi street crossing.

Until September 4th: (1) Zagrebačka Avenue will be partially blocked at the overpass above Selska street for maintenance. Traffic will flow in both directions. (2) Primorska street will be closed for all traffic from Ilica street to Klaićeva street.

Drive safe!