Zagrebacki cener: Find Out Where is The Best Spot To Watch a Marathon

You must spend this Sunday at Zrinjevac! Why? Because the most famous race called Zagrebacki center will start exactly there, on that day at 7 pm. During the 10,000 meters long run, less and more experienced runners – participants of running schools, professionals or recreational athletes will try to finish the race in one hour and 15 minutes or less.
The marathon will have three rounds as follows:
1st Circle: The start will be at about the same place as last year (on the west side of the park Zrinjevac) The route is… north side of the park Zrinjevac – Amruševa street – Palmotićeva Street – Jurišićeva – Ban Josip Jelacic Square – Ilica – Krajiška street – Prilaz Gjure Dezelica – Marsal Tito Square – Masarykova – Teslina Street.
Round 2 and 3: Prague street – Ban Josip Jelacic Square – Ilica – Primorska street – prilaz Gjure Dezelica – Marshall Tito Square – Masarykova – Teslin Street.
During the entire race, runners will have refreshments and a support of excited fans who will be able to watch the race everywhere. Namely, the traffic will be completely stopped in the city centre from 7 pm to 8:15 pm. So it is up to you to choose will you watch Zagrebacki center on the road or you can enjoy Sunday evening in your living room and watch it via justzagreb and our webcam. See you there!