ZagrebDox Featuring Sundance, Berlinale and Trieste Documentaries

This year’s ZagrebDox festival sections feature six documentary films from the recent Sundance, Berlinale and Trieste film festivals.
Arriving from Sundance and Berlinale to ZagrebDox’s competition will be The Magic Life of V by Tonislav Hristov. A flm about Veera, a 25-year-old girl trying to get rid of childhood traumas through LARP. She becomes V, the heroine of her story who can do what Veera can’t – meet and face her father.
In Between
Shortly after screening in the official selection of Berlin International Film festival, Zagreb audience will be able to see in the regional competition the Kosovar film In Between by Samir Karahoda and The Stone Speakers by Igor Drljača, a Canadian and Bosnian and Herzegovinian co-production.
Putin Witnesses

Trieste Film Festival sends ZagrebDox three interesting titles. The Masters of Dox section presents Border Fence by Nikolaus Geyrhalter and Putin’s Witnesses by Vitaly Mansky, and the regional competition screens Hungary 2018 by Eszter Hajdú.